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All About Viagra for Consumers »


Viagra is one of the most effective oral medications for use in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and is also one of the most popular. Learn more about consumer information before taking Viagra.

Viagra: Does Brand Name Matter? »

Does Viagra have to come in a brand name in order to be effective, or will the generic equivalent still give you the safe, reliable and effective treatment you've come to expect from name brand Viagra?

Recreational Viagra Use »

Recreational use of Viagra is on the rise among young people, statistics are now showing. Can Viagra really have an impact used recreationally, or is this just misunderstood marketing?

How Viagra Resolves ED Symptoms »

Viagra is one of the most effective and popular forms of treatment for erectile dysfunction. What are the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction, and how can Viagra help get you back on track again?